EAP Manage
Visualize for your training effort
Both group and personal

Up To 60 Devices

When used with our USB data receiver, can connect up to 60 trackers simultaneously.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time heart rate, exercise intensity, calories consumption, autonomic balance index, and group exercise intensity, all in one place.

Autonomic balance index

Autonomic balance index (heart rate variability) is affected by your sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic system. Our tracker can capture the stress response and HR intensity during your traning.

Our team's in-house developed, patent-pending algorism can measure the autonomic balance index even during intense movement.

Historical Data

All Data is saved in your tracker and tablet. Let you monitor your growth every day.

Export Data File Available

Export all training data to your computer (.CSV) for customized, in-depth analysis.

One Click Timestamp

Hit a button on the tracker/tablet to record important events. Make it easy to navigate the records.

Heartrate Zone

Customized heartrate zone based on each user.

Tracker and Receiver

To make the software work perfectly for your training and fitness, UmiLab tracker can monitor and logging all your state, a USB receiver will make the communication rapidly and stable. Our USB antenna (BLE/ANT+) can cover up to 100m in range.

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